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06/05/08 07:52 PM #1    

Kristy 78-Mahon (Chadwick)

Welcome to the Saratoga High School Class Of 1978 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

06/13/08 07:05 PM #2    

Kristy 78-Mahon (Chadwick)

All right everybody...let's hear about some memories! Post your trip down memory lane here, like music you liked, things you did...dumb and good, sports memories...etc!! It will be fun!!

06/20/08 01:47 AM #3    

Kristy 78-Mahon (Chadwick)

Okay, goes!

Rick and I have always loved the music we listened to back in 1973-1978 and have been relistening to it recently. They are classics as you all know...Steve Miller Band, Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Doobie Brothers, Bad Company, Rod Stewart, Marshall Tucker Band to name just a few! I remember listening to this classic music in the hangout at lunch time on the juke box. Good times....!!

06/21/08 10:50 PM #4    

John 77-Zeiger

Kristy thanks for doing such a great job on this site. It will be fun once we get the word out that it is here. Looking forward to seeing you and Rick. Thanks again for your hard work. John

07/03/08 04:56 PM #5    

Valerie 79-Jones (Larscheid)

The music Kristi mentions really brings back memories!! I still love it, as well.
Yes, the student lounge was an interesting place. I remember Donny Martin swinging from the overhead pipes in there and the song, Play That Funky Music" blaring in the background.
I have a vivid memory of Rick Hughes and Carol (Welch) being quite "huggy" while standing in the lounge - Ha! Wonder, are they still that way?
I also remember Kari Nordin and I having to push pennies with our noses compliments of Mark Condict, et al. when we were freshmen. Boy, couldn't get away with that now!!
Randy Youngberg could really play foosball (sp?).
Has anyone experienced this? Your kids hear music from our era and think it's really cool? Like when Bohemian Rhapsody "came out" again a couple of years ago - they loved it and I said, I was a JUNIOR in high school when that song was famous! Ha!!!

11/22/08 07:47 PM #6    

Kelly 79-Hoem

Hey Kristi (Neighbor) My oldest daughter just stumbled onto this site and told me about it. Really nice site and you need to be thanked by all of us who will now use it. Nice to hear from some people I havn't heard from in many many years. Again thank you and I hope you can keep this site up and running (Burn out) from to much work. Kelly M. Hoem

01/05/09 08:08 PM #7    

Cathy 76-Hudson (Pickren)

i SO agree about the music - my kids have better collections of music from our time period than i do!
I have to say i am just now hearing stuff that catches my interest. for a long time i just didn't care so much for the 'canned' sound. dislike those percussion tracks that just all sound the same. ew.
ours was the best. the real thing. the last new thing that came out MADE me listen - and i memorized every word - was the Eagles - long road out of eden. just as good as anything they ever did. great musicians them. i guess all the great stuff hasn't been used up.

07/11/10 11:36 AM #8    

Doug 80-Gifford

Thank you  Kristy and Rick! I accidentally found this site. Though people forgot to mention the song WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS by Queen ( we hosted Regionals and won State). Wish we (wife Jill Son Charlie and myself) could be there, but had too little notice. Hope all of you have agreat time! The songs that have been mentioned and pushing a penny on the floor of the lounge (Did that lots of times). I hear certain songs and always think of all of the GREAT times I had  in TOGI!!! The entire high school doing a sit out was cool. All of the good things we did for Walter Holland made me feel good, but the bad things that were done to him are shameful!!!!! We were wild, care freeand always had a GREAT time.       Once again, thank you Kristy and Rick .   I share lots of memorys with my wife of the times at TOGI high school thank all of you for being a big part of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Doug (GIZ) Gifford.

07/14/10 08:12 PM #9    

Ken 80-Collamer

I remember dragging main or some party at the beach and listening to ZZ Top Fandango!  Also almost never a get together without the CARS CANDY-O.  At the time of this posting the Class of 1980 just finished having its 30th reunion, had fun seeing everyone!

08/12/13 10:25 PM #10    

Shannon 75-Pool (Krueger)

Just discovered this home-spun site a couple months ago. Did not even click on the Messages until now . . .

Yes, it's well-done and limited to just a few years, not overwhelming. Got a birthday greeting (Aug 9) from Becky - had a wonderful weekend - I guess we Leo's do not limit ourselves to just one day.

Music - fond of most of the ones previously mentioned. Oh, one of my fav's is Ventura Highway by America. And Santana - it seemed a bit exotic at the time, but all of the music from our era has stood the test of time. Way better than most of what passes for music today - last week ate at a "hip" new pizza place, playing The Eagles and the 20-year-old serving us mentioned that he actually had a record player and the orig LPs. Gotta love it!

Shannon Pool Krueger, Eugene OR

02/04/18 10:56 PM #11    

Brandi 75-Walker (McNair)

I also just happened upon this. Great idea Though I wasn't a class member for very long, I truly enjoyed the time spent in Saratoga. Does/can anyone give me information on a reunion of 75? Thanks.

09/04/18 06:22 PM #12    

Kathleen 76-Evans (Martin)

Greetings to all! 

I was digging in my Class of 76 file and found the following.  It's so true!


Regardless of whom I meet or what I do or what I have become,  it is the friends I grew up with that I feel closest to, and that I have the most in common with.

Though we don't see each other often, when we do it is as thought we were always together-so comfortable, so natural, so honest.

I guess old friends, who know where we come from, who know our backgrounds and who know our families have an understanding of us, that no new friend can ever have.

-author unknown


Love y'all,


01/12/19 08:20 PM #13    

Brandi 75-Walker (McNair)

Wow!!....just realized this has been up over 10 years! I haven't visited for a while obviously, but it still puts me back in time. The best of times... Thanks for the memories

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