In Memory

Randy 75-Parrie

Our dear friend, brother, husband to Susan, father to Brian, Jennifer, Timothy, and Jeremy,  and grandfather of 11, passed away February 19, 2012 in Rapid City, SD doing what he loved: helping a friend and working with one of his sons cutting down trees in the Black Hills.  We, in the Platte Valley High School community, grieve for our dear friend's passing.  We will miss you, Randy.  

Here is the link to the funeral home and obituary where you can also sign a guest book to the family.


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03/02/12 12:29 PM #1    

Robert 75-Hileman


It never surprised me that you were a scout leader that inspired many young boys to the ranks of eagle scout.  You were an inspiration to all of us.  Even though you were not the biggest or fastest person on our football team, you were the MVP in my book.  You were our heart.  I remember you leading us out on the field at Guernsey after they had already taken the field at their homecoming and they all had to stop and stare at you leading us on the field with your high pitched war cry.  We had them beat then! 

You and Susan were Vanida's and my best friends after high school because we had so much in common with our young brides and family.  I always thought that I would get to see you again and now that will never happen.  I will miss you my friend.

03/02/12 12:59 PM #2    

Becky 75-Huntley (George)

Well put Robert!  Randy was one of my favorite classmates, went from K-12 with him.  He and Susan were such a cute couple.  My heart goes out to Susan and the kids and grandkids.  It's a tragic loss for all of us.  I will always remember Randy's big smile and his helpful attitude, whether at school or at Parrie's.  I always used to buy my appliances from them because of Randy and Albert, they were always willing to come out and do repairs and didn't charge an arm and a leg either.  They were a vanishing breed, honest businessmen!  Good bye old friend and God Bless!-Becky

03/02/12 01:37 PM #3    

Vince 75-Crow

I have echo the comments from Robert and Becky. Just thinking about Randy always brings a smile. He always seemed to have a boundless enthusiasm for life. His passing is a true loss. My thoughts and prayers are with Susan and the family.

04/01/12 05:02 PM #4    

Rick 75-Chadwick


Wow, the stories I could tell about Randy Parrie!! Man did we have some good times growing up, like the time that Pecos put that No Dose in my beer when we were in your Chevelle comin back from Rawlins or somethin like that. The No Dose started foaming  big time in my beer and you took your eyes off the road to see what was goin on, and when you looked up we were headin for the ditch!

You were always a take charge kind of guy and pulled us outa that mess but not without leavin a few skid marks. Wow, that's just one story. I could go on and on! Like LEFT SIDE LINE, RIGHT SIDE LINE, of the GREATEST FOOTBALL TEAM EVER!!!!! Most valuable linemen award to who else but Randolf Parrie (that's what I called him)!!! You were the only guy I knew who could shoot flies with a bb gun!  I can see you now sitting on your porch shooting them one by one!

Kind of amazing that it just hit me that Randy's not gonna be around to share the memories of the exploits of our youth, BUUUT when I get Home we'll do a lot of catchin up!! Heck man, we'll have an eternity! Until then save a spot for me on the Team!  Gonna miss you, man!  

06/25/13 10:37 PM #5    

Shannon 75-Pool (Krueger)

Just found this site by pure chance today - nice that it's for a limited range of Panthers. Don't spend very much time on "social media." One of my hobbies is writing, so was doing some research on Saratoga & Wyoming today to refresh some memories from the so-called "old days." Heard Karen Carpenter's song - We've Only Just Begun the other day and it always takes me back to our grad year. I noticed the heading of In Memory and was shocked to see Randy's name there. He had such a genuine smile and that rare kind of wholesome charm. What a sad loss for those of you who knew him well. My husband & I came out for the 10 & 20 yr. reunions and we went to his/Dad's appliance store for some gadget or cord and Kurt still marvels how friendly Randy, Susan and his Dad were to us, even after me being gone so long. Wonderful that he had such a large and loving family - I'm sure Randy left some deep footprints and life lessons for them to follow in his memory and grace.

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